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Safely vertical take off and landing in any crosswind conditions. Safely vertical take off and landing in any crosswind conditions. Safely vertical take off and landing in any crosswind conditions.
AIRSHIP-GP project
That gives access to a large new unoccupied segments of the transport market and the monopoly on them by a new propulsor...
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AIRSHIP-GP PROJECT This is a project of new super hybrid cargo airship with capacity of 50 and 25 ton and new super hybrid utility airship with a new multiphase air jet propulsor. The new propulsor and a new form of the airship provide a full wind resistance an all weather capabilities of new super hybrid airship. EXPEDIENCY OF A PROJECT The idea of ​​the cargo airship last few years consistently brought to the forefront. Of cargo airships write. For projects of transportation systems using airships of meetings at various levels. Largest Aircraft Corporation planet - Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman - are developing and building prototypes and demonstrators. Research centers are expensive research. However, cargo airships are not yet created. Characteristically, now all efforts are focused on creating exactly cargo airships to transport large loads. We remember that was successfully built and operated successfully for a long time passenger, military, patrol, reconnaissance, walking blimps. But never to this day has not been successfully built airships to transport large commercial goods. But cargo airships, still does not exist. There are a number of explanations. Along with the high cost of airships - the same as that of any other aircraft - and a number of technical risks associated with the relative newness, there are two major problems. First, it is unsatisfactory characteristics for resistance to wind loads at the ground, so far, was a challenge. Second, the problem with ballast. It makes or abandon vertical takeoff and take off from runway, or take off from a large vertical lifting thrust propulsion. There are two key issues that are responsible for the fact that cargo airships are still not. Solution for today with ballast recognized hybrid airships. The problem with the opposition gusty winds near the ground to solve so far without success. Had forced to accept that the "take off and land with the wind no one should." This, of course, not true. This problem simply did not have a satisfactory technical solution. New multiphase jet propulsion is the solution of this technical problem for cargo airships. General substantiation Our proposed new propulsor designed for use in airships and is designed both to provide an economical cruising speed, and for full compensation of gusty winds at all takeoff and landing and to provide any precise maneuvering near the ground, in spite of the wind, including, for example, motionless hangs in the vicinity of land or buildings. This can not do hybrid airships. And this is crucial. The new propulsor is a spatial design, fully integrated into the body of the airship. Its principle of operation is based on proven, widely known and, at the same time, modern and high-tech systems: efficient variable-pitch propeller, jet reaction noninertial control and all-moving aerodynamic surfaces. Multiphase jet propulsion thrust is created by the synchronized operation controlled air jets. Eight thruster nozzles symmetrically coupled air channels. Channels have pressure screw propellers controlled steps. The nozzles have inertialess controlled deflectors. In the management of the airship also involved external aerodynamic surfaces. Reliability and manufacturability of the components of the new propulsion tested dozens of years of successful use in air vehicles of different purposes. The layout of the new propulsion designed specifically for use in airships and is unique. Propulsion has an international patent protection. Inertialess propulsor provides all-aspect thrust vector control and vector of traction. This provides all the basic dirigible flight modes and allows dirigible fully compensate the impact of any, including gusty, wind loads on the airship. Also, it provides a precise maneuvering near the ground when the loading or unloading operations or works in the mode of flying crane. These modes of operation at the ground for the Super Hybrid airships are assumed main and economically efficient. Hybrid airships without a new mover can not effectively work in a mode a flying crane. Application of a new multi-phase jet propulsion allows not to use takeoff with a run, and do not use a vertical take-off thrust engines. Super Hybrid airships take off and land vertically, with load and without load, in any weather. However, they always have a neutral buoyancy and can not fall in the accident. The transition from a hybrid cargo to a Super Hybrid airships significantly increases the reliability, safety, efficiency of transport operations and makes it a truly all-weather and versatile. Reliability and security in this case - the result of the regime of neutral buoyancy at all stages of take-off, landing and flight load and no load. And most economical transport operations associated with unique Super Hybrid airships for cargo loading and unloading phases. The possibility of such airships easily pick up goods directly from the factory yard allow to exclude, often costly, operations for the delivery of oversized and heavy cargo from the factory to the court handling the aircraft. A possible - anyone not special - a Super cargo airship work in a mode very stable flying crane - any necessary time to a few days - can reduce the cost of unloading and installation. The unique capabilities of the Super Hybrid airships by refueling –  without landing with a full cargo on board – from the ground airfield bowser, provide almost unlimited range of non-landing transportation of the any external load. Cargo Super Hybrid airship with a maximum capacity assumes use in freight operations unballast - standard shipping containers with ballast or poured and take on board ballast water. Along with this, the Super Hybrid airships can operate effectively in managed ballast. Super Hybrid airships to be used ballast controlled by evaporation and condensation of water in a sealed container of variable volume. The use of controlled ballast allows freight transport operations without having to unload and take on board ballast during loading and unloading of cargo. There is a very large segment of the market, where this feature is decisive. The use of the controlled ballast to hybrid airships and, especially, to classical airships is possible and has already been tested in the experiments, but it is not effective, since hardly consistent with their principles of takeoffs and landings by classic hybrid airships. Landing arrangements specially designed for use on the Super Hybrid airships allow these airships parked on the ground as a helicopter in any weather. Sum of substantiation Thus, the Super Hybrid cargo airships provide all-weather, unlimited non-stop flight range with maximum load. They have a large capacity - for the first modification - up to 50 tons. Super Hybrid airships have unique capabilities for loading and unloading cargo. They can work as a sustainable flying crane in any weather. Potential Super Hybrid airships for reliability and security is very high. All this suggests that the Super Hybrid cargo airships are a logical and necessary step in the development of hybrid cargo airships. Super Hybrid airships are significantly higher than in features hybrid airships. All of the above suggests that the use of a new multi-phase jet propulsor for cargo airship to create a Super Hybrid cargo airship with a unique set of opportunities for transportation of goods, which previously did not provide any type of air transport: reliable and safe VTOL laden and unladen, and on a route in any weather, up to the storm; precise maneuvering and hovering near the ground in all weather conditions for the loading, unloading and installation work with the load without the powerful jets of air down to the loading or unloading area; loading and unloading of cargo in the hold through the lower cargo hatch crane or its entrance and exit ramps for trucks; transportation of cargo up to 50 or 25 tonnes in the hold (12 x 8 x 10 feet) or the internal hangar (25 x 5 x 5 meters) or on the external load; complete cycle of transport operations, regardless of the weather; practically unlimited range of non-landing, even with maximum load even on the external load, if provided refueling from the ground or water; unique new huge market of transport services that are not available in any other mode of transport, including any other air transport; high efficiency of transport operations by direct delivery without transshipment from the place of shipment to the destination with the installation of cargo in the flying crane, if needed; fuel consumption on the route is much lower than with comparable transport helicopter. Evaluation of the potential market A unique set of opportunities provided by Super Hybrid airships, can not be achieved by other transport systems, including hybrid airships. The unique combination of new technical and functional features of Super Hybrid airships and the presence of a number of very large and complementary markets of transport services, which is provided by a monopoly or substantial domination - all these conditions in combination, to provide the potential of the project. Existence of a large volume, diverse, with complementary segments of the potential market for transport services for new Super Hybrid airships largely compensates for the available technical risks associated with the novelty of the design. As such, the availability of technical solutions and a large potential market, directly depending on this technical solution, making a fleet of Super Hybrid airships inevitable. The only question is who will be first. The potential market for transport services for freight Super Hybrid airships are: year-round, all-weather delivery of any goods in off-road; this is the Canadian North, Alaska, Siberia and the conditions of the desert and the equatorial belt, mountains, islands - from equatorial to polar, the shelf - including the polar zone, exploration, oil services, pipeline construction, procurement development of mineral deposits, heavy road transport and military equipment - and this is not an exhaustive list of the elements of the potential “off-road” market; minimum estimate requirements of this market segment - one hundred airships. in industrial buildings and dense road network – this is the delivery of a machine-building enterprises of heavy indivisible units in the power equipment (gas turbines, hydro turbines, transformers, heavy and oversized electrical equipment); delivery directly from the manufacturer's factory yard immediately to the assembly at the customer's site; preliminary estimate for this segment of the market show that requires one Super Hybrid airship per city with one million inhabitants; this is the minimum score; military transport segment by conservative estimates - is very significant. Additional substantiation The use of multi-phase jet propulsion for airships general purpose can create airships that can to compete successfully at the very large and sought after market segment utility helicopters. Hybrid airships here can not compete. Super Hybrid airships 50-meter size can more successfully than helicopters perform all tasks inherent utility helicopters. According to preliminary calculations, its reliability, safety, all-weather capability, efficiency are much better than these parameters in helicopters. Yielding helicopters only top speed, Super Hybrid utility airships are superior of helicopters to the maximum range, patrol duration, the possibility of landing on rough terrain. Low noise, no powerful jets of air down during takeoff and landing, capability to board or landing on any roof and any vessel –  all this capabilities make the Super Hybrid utility airships very serious competitor to a huge fleet of utility helicopters. Conclusion Thus, the use of a new unique propulsor allows us to create a new Super Hybrid airship. Super Hybrid airships, in turn, determines the possibility of entering new, previously non-existent and very large segments of the transport market. The most important and most capacious market segments are:  new segment of air transport - air cargo vertical take-off and landing, without powerful air jets from engines down, with unlimited time non-moving hover when loading and unloading, with practically unlimited range of non-landing flight, with very high reliability and security of all stages of transport operations, with large unit capacity - up to 50 tons, with the ability to transport heavy loads – up to 200 tons – in co-operation; all this in any weather condition to storm inclusive. Separate large potential market segment - the military transportation. The next largest segment of the market - a segment of the utility helicopters. Super Hybrid utility airships in all characteristics except for top speed, superior utility helicopters. Super Hybrid airships provide a very high level of safety, reliability, efficiency, comfort, and can operate in all weather conditions (before the storm). All these factors provide potentially capture up to half of the market segment of utility helicopters. That gives access to a large new unoccupied segments of the transport market and the monopoly on them by a new propulsor, provides an extremely large potential project Super Hybrid airships. Conventional hybrid airships, in all likelihood, not be able to compete with the Super Hybrid airships. With comparable efficiency of freight transport operations they provide a lower level of reliability, security, flexibility and all-weather capabilities. Super Hybrid airship project was successfully presented at the conference «Airships to the Arctic VI», December 5-6, 2011, Seattle, Wa, USA and «2nd Cargo Airships for Northen Operations Workshop», August 22-24, Anchorage, Ak, USA.  The project was a series of bench tests and expertise and is now at the stage of construction of small demonstrators. Work is under way to expand the patent and project advancement. Additional and more detailed calculations and drawings are available on request for the study. Because the project is very large, we always consider the options for cooperation with all interested parties.
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