Super Hybrid Airships All-weather crosswind cargo super hybrid middle-class airships Universal middle air platforms for cargo, cargo-passenger and special variants. Up to 3 000 km. Up to 160 tons. Any weather. Any landing...
The Airship-GP-100 platform This air platform are used for two types of cargo all- weather airship with payloads of 25 and 50 ton. These two air platforms has 95% uniform construction and maximum body length of 110 meters. This is an ideally flying crane for oversize and heavy weight load. Passenger variants of this platform may be used as flying hotel or flying yacht. Another useful application is an all-weather sea/terrain ferry with a range of 200 - 500 km. Special variants of this platform may be expedition, supply and support or military airships transport systems. Landing, loading/unloading operations, parking are capable in any conditions – on water, on ice, on snow, on a thicket, on rocks, on slops, on housetops. No mooring system needs. A fire version of Airship-GP-100: 10 tons of water; 20 firefighters; capability of unload and load any heavy equipments anywhere including slops;
All-weather capabilities of Airship-GP-100 air platform provide normal work even in storm conditions. This system guarantees safety and reliability in any weather conditions.
The new propulsor gives an all-weather capabilities...   Operating range is 200 up to 2 000 km... Cargo weight is up to 25 or 50 tons for one airship... Super heavy weight delivery (up to 160 tons) are possible with middle class Airship-GP- 100...
Safely vertical take off and landing in any crosswind conditions. Safely vertical take off and landing in any crosswind conditions. Safely vertical take off and landing in any crosswind conditions. Airship-GP-100 Airship-GP-100
General characteristics of Airship-GP-100 (controllable / unload ballast): Crew:  2 - 6 (pilots and operators) Useful load (t): 25 / 50 Sizes (m):  110 x 70 x 40 Empty mass:  50 t Built-in power: 7 500 kW Max. airspeed: 120 km/h (65 kn) Fuel mass (t): 10 (up to 40) Max. range with full load: 900 km Max. range with half load: 3 000 km Hover ceiling: 2 000 m (6 000 ft) Dynamic ceiling: 5 000 m (15 000 ft)
Range ability of Airship-GP-100 without refueling (120 / 60 km/h) (controllable / unload ballast): Useful load (t) 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 Range 0 300 600 900 1200 1500 1800 2100 2400 2700 km Reducing the speed increases the range of flight without refueling.
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