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Тяжёлый груз. Доставка и монтаж.

Variants of airships
Варианты дирижаблей

Airship-GP. Грузовой... All variants of the airship differ among themselves only with a cabin. This may be a cargo hold or a passenger salon or a special cabin. Such unification reduces technical risks of the project.

All variants of an airship on this page are for payload class 25/50 tons. An aiship work elevation is from -100 to 2000 meters. Higher elevating is possible at payload reduction. The maximum speed of flight may be increased. However it will lead to increase in the expense of fuel. Speed, range and the fuel expense are reconciled for a case when the payload is in a cargo hold. In case of a suspanded payload speed and range decrease, and the fuel expense increases. All parametres are chosen as the most suitable for the general purpose airship. Such airships of bigger or smaller capability can be created if necessary. Your opinions concerning this decision can be published here.

The basic variants for a class of capability 25/50 tons

  • Go to a cargo airship A cargo airship (flying crane), payload of 25/50 tons
  • Go to teamwork of the several airships Teamwork of the several airships
  • Go to a passenger airship A passenger airship
  • Go to a special purpose airship A general purpose airship (a support-board, an air ferry)

Speshial purpose airships

  • Go to a search and rescue airship A search and rescue airship
  • Go to a flying hotel A flying hotel
  • Go to an expeditionary airship An expeditionary airship
  • Go to a fire fighting airship Fire fighting airships (fire in wood and fire in skyscrapers)

Future, exotic and disputable variants

Go to a future variants of an airship

February, 2012