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Тяжёлый груз. Доставка и монтаж.

Competitive advantages of the wind-non-sensitive "Airship-GP"

The comparative table of the new "Airship-GP" with other aircrafts

Airship-GP (all types)

Other vehicles


Comparison with the Hybrid Airship (Under Construction Now, code name "Canadian Project")

Airship-GP (all types) The new hybrid cargo airship (Canadian Project) .

wind resistance airship with a new propulsor

hybrid airship with 4 rotors

both new projects demand comparable R & D

the cost of an airship - comparable to the cost of the aircraft, the same cargo capacity

comparable to the cost of super-heavy helicopters


capacity - can be a wide range of 2 to 160 tons (in joint flight up to 800 tons)

40 tons; other options uncertain

грузоподъёмность - широкий диапазон конструкций, от 20 кг до 400 тонн и более

it is important for transport systems

it can fly and work with the landed or controlled ballast

ballast is not needed

two versions of ballasting

fuel efficiency - no worse or better than it for helicopters

fuel efficiency - worse than it for other vehicles

limiting factor, but, like helicopters, it is not critical (because of the unique transport capabilities)

high reliability - in case of failure of half of the main systems, it can continue to work

low reliability (constructively) - failure or deterioration of any system leads to the cessation of performance

высокая надёжность

very important to the commercial fleet

very high safety -- rejection of all major systems on any phase of flight with a full cargo leads to a drift in the working height

lack of security -- failure or deterioration of one of the 4 rotors leads to a dangerous emergency landing or fall

высокая безопасность

very important to the commercial fleet

high safety and reliability -- possible in-flight repair of major systems, including control systems and power plants

in-flight repairs excluded

высокая безопасность и надёжность

significant advantage of the new airship

high safety and reliability -- possible emergency landing with a full load at any inappropriate areas

emergency landing with a load is a very complex and dangerous

возможна вынужденная посадка с полным грузом высокая безопасность и надёжность

significant advantage of the new airship

high safety -- possible a successful emergency landing with a full load at any location

any emergency landing with a load or no load is very dangerous

возможна успешная аварийная посадка с полным грузом высокая безопасность

significant advantage of the new airship and drawback of "Canadian Projekt"

all-weather airships -- any work in stormy conditions

weather restrictions, like the coupling of the two cargo helicopters

полностью всепогодный любая штатная работа в штормовых условиях

significant advantage of the new airship and drawback of Canadian Projekt

large (unlimited) range -- for refueling on hovering near the ground from the road (airfield) tanker

дальность 400 км

flight range of 400 km

большая (неограниченная) дальность при дозаправке на зависании у земли с грузом большая (неограниченная) дальность

unique advantage of the new airship

large (unlimited) range -- for towing airship (or coupling) to other airship (towing)

flight range of 400 km

большая (неограниченная) дальность - при буксировке

additional advantage of the new airship

unlimited time still hovering in the air during the loading, unloading and assembly operations

hang time is limited -- less than 1 hour

практически неограниченное время зависания

significant advantage of the new airship

work in the hitch -- standard possible in many variants


работа в сцепках - штатная возможность

significant advantage of the new airship

flight speed: 40, 60, 85, 115, possibly up to 140 km/h.

такая же

the same flight speed

speed of the new airship suitable for cargo operations, and for search and rescue

mode of flying crane -- a highly reliable, high-precision, safe, versatile, without a powerful jet from the propeller down, work in the coupling of two or three airships

all, like a heavy helicopter flying cranes -- insecure, unreliable, limited, a powerful jet of air downwards, and thus expensive

режим летающий кран без мощной струи от движителей вниз высоконадёжный, высокоточный, безопасный

unique ability and has no analogues -- unlimited range, high-precision, a highly reliable flying crane with an unlimited time of hovering (without airflow down), the work of clutches of several airships

Passenger versions -- have the potential, given the vertical takeoff and landing anywhere, lack of air flow down, low noise, all-weather (ie, regular flights), safety


малошумность, всепогодность (т. е., регулярность рейсов)

the new airship is low speed, but there are pluses -- all-weather, safety, low noise; possible future passenger variants

Comparison with a Classic Design Cargo Airship

Airship-GP-100 (-150) Freighter

Classic Design Cargo Airships


maneuverability at the ground -- the accuracy, security, reliability, parking on the chassis

creation is very unlikely, due to an unacceptable level of maneuverability near the earth's surface

no competition -- classical scheme cargo airships, in all likelihood, will not be built

Comparison with the Classic Passenger Airship

Airship-GP-100 (-150) Passenger

Classical Passenger Airships


creation is possible, but questionable (after freight versions ...)

creation is very unlikely, due to insufficient speed and outdated transportation ideology (except pleasure boat)

no competition -- classical passenger airships probably will not be built

Comparison with Hybrid Airships (Draft) -- Takeoff / Landing Run

Airship-GP-100 (-150) Freighter

Hybrid Airships (Draft) Takeoff / Landing Run


Not competitors, economic niches are not the same ... (factory yard -- an assembly platform)

occupy a different niche market, are not interchangeable by the transport capabilities of the new airship, they are closer to the aircraft (airfield -- an airfield)

no competition, niche markets are not the same

Comparison with Cargo Helicopters

Airship-GP-100 (-150) Freighter

Cargo helicopters


flight speed of less than helicopters

flight speed is higher than that of airships

важнее общая скорость доставки, стоимость всей операции

for cargo operations more importantly the overall execution time of work and cost of the entire work (including delivery and assembly operations)

total cost of transport and assembly operations, in many cases is significantly reduced compared with helicopters

total cost (and the overall rate) of transport operations is higher because of significant restrictions on the range, limiting the time lag, problems associated with hanging, limited capacity

дешевле, за счёт прямой доставки от цеха до монтажной площадки

new all-weather airships in general, are far superior cargo helicopters under all cargo operations

Unique freight functionality:

  • pick up the heavy cargo from any site of any factory;
  • ships without landing at any distance (with a refueling tanker car without landing);
  • unloading at any very complex area;
  • accurate hang when unloading any of duration, mode (super) heavy flying crane;
  • Any work around the clock in any weather;

anything that can not do any cargo helicopters

уникальныая грузовая функциональность уникальныая грузовая эффективность высокая надёжность, полная всепогодность

new all-weather, airships have unique performance cargo functionality that gives them the economic niche of great potential value

potential market of transportation of heavy and general cargo is significant; there is a long list of both traditional and new transport opportunities for new all-weather cargo airships; new all-weather cargo airships can perform the traditional work more reliable, safer and cheaper; new airships much more versatile in respect of the goods, in respect of range, and cargo-handling capabilities;

scope of work (both now and later) is very limited; reliability and safety are limited;

объём рынка транспортных услуг - значителен

hence, potentially, there is commercial prospects for fleet of new cargo airships

Comparison with Utility Helicopters

Airship-GP-50 (general purpose, 2 ton )

General Purpose Helicopters


cost - comparable to general purpose helicopters

cost - comparable


maximum speed -- less than a helicopter

maximum speed - higher than the speed of airships

negative - losing the helicopter on the maximum speed

Fuel efficiency -- better (or not worse) than the helicopter

Low fuel efficiency

limiting factor, but, like helicopters, is not critical (because of the uniqueness of the transport capabilities)

All-weather -- staff working in the stormy weather and with minimal visibility, including takeoff / landing

significant weather restrictions

штатно работает в штормовую погоду при минимальной видимости Всепогодность

a very big plus -- all-weather capabilities to violent weather conditions and the minimum visibility

Search and rescue operations are possible when stormy weather, minimum visibility, day and night, long-term (up to a day or more)

significant weather constraints, the duration of the search is limited (1-2 hours)

при штормовой погоде, минимальной видимости Поисково-спасательные операции

a big plus -- makes the demand (from different government agencies responsible for search, rescue, patrol)

Performance of search and rescue operations - it is better than the helicopters as well as at low speeds and hangs fuel costs are small, the duration of search (and area) can be a great

productivity is less, as low-speed common to find, and hangs fuel consumption is significant and the total time (and space), the search operation is small

лучше, чем у вертолётов


Cab -- a large, comfortable

limited size, noise, vibration

Кабина - большая, комфортная


Noise - less than a helicopter, at low speeds and lockups - Low Noise

very noisy at all speeds, including hovering

на малых скоростях и зависаниях - малошумный


The jet from the thruster down -- missing

a strong current down, always interferes

Струя от движителя вниз - отсутствует


The possibility of landing on the wrong areas - in the rubble, broken ice, slopes

landing only on a flat, solid ground, the possibility of hanging is limited

Возможность посадки на неподходящую местность на завалы, битый лёд, склоны

very big plus

It is possible to moor to steep slopes and vertical structures


возможность причаливать к вертикальным конструкциям возможность причаливать к крутым склонам

Plus, a unique opportunity

Reliability - continuing the job with partial failures, possible repairs in flight

Partial cancellation propulsion or control terminates the job

возможен ремонт в полёте

big plus

Forced landing - is possible on any terrain: a slope, a forest, a swamp, water, ice, a debris

forced landing is difficult only a suitable area

Вынужденная посадка - возможна на любую местность на склон, на лес, на болото, на воду, на лёд, на завалы

big plus

Safety - in case of failure of all, on any phase of flight, goes into lifting up the working height and drifts

Refusal propulsion or control is extremely dangerous

при отказе всего, на любой фазе полёта, переходит в набор рабочей высоты Безопасность

a very significant plus

A successful emergency landing - is possible in most cases

Emergency landing is extremely difficult and dangerous, and can only be a suitable area

Успешная аварийная посадка возможна в большинстве случаев

very big plus

Comparison with Aircrafts

Airship-GP (Any Version)



Not competitors, economic niches are not the same ...

occupy a different niche market, are not interchangeable in function

almost no competition, niches practically no match

February, 2012