Super Hybrid Airships
A new crosswind propulsor for new super-hybrid airships gives a new level of all-weather vertical take off and landing aviation transport. A new all foreshortening inertial-less special airship propulsor transforms any hybrid airship into the super-hybrid airship.
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Safely vertical take off and landing in any crosswind conditions. Safely vertical take off and landing in any crosswind conditions. Safely vertical take off and landing in any crosswind conditions. Next Next
Other Ways to Operate
Cargo and passenger versions (combi)
Supply and provisioning airship – the airship provides rotation for employees working in shifts and delivery of practically any load. Reliability, safety, dependability assured in all conditions, including polar night conditions. Air shuttle (50 - 250 km or more range) – all-weather, meaning regular flights, comfort – no pitching or rolling, low noise; courses can be set over water, ice, dry land or mountains together. Air yachts – super hybrid airship technology allows you to create a super-class yachts. Two floors, four super-cabins or ten cabins, low noise, no roll, anywhere landing or hovering – all of these are ideally for a king yacht. Flying hotel – this option is technically possible, but requires careful economic calculations... Expedition airships – ideally for any geography locations – from Poles to equator and from a desert to a sea – and any targets of expeditions... But some expensive. Search and rescue – any super hybrid airship is ready for use in search and rescue without additional outfitting. But specialized rescue airships can be made for use by EMERCOM forces. Specifically, flying evacuation hospitals. Super hybrid airships can operate in reconnaissance mode at the epicenter of a catastrophe from the earliest hours, in any weather and at any time of day in any season in any climate.
Flying hospital – this option is special type off R&S airships for the target of work in the epicenter of any disaster and evacuation. Unloading of ships without a pier – only super hybrid airship can do this by air. Unloading of ships without the pier during the day and night, winter and summer, in a snowstorm and fog. 50 and 25 tons of payload. 5 - 500 km range. Forest fire – struggle against the primary forest fires, from the position of duty in the air. Unloading firemen with heavy equipments and after that their reception on board. City fire – only super hybrid airships can rescue the victims from the upper floors of tall buildings. Passenger airships – this option provides a high level of safety, comfort, low noise, all- weather (it means - regular flights), the minimum requirements for ground-based infrastructure. However, it is necessary to make additional economic calculations. The military transport potential for super hybrid airships is obvious enough; so obvious, in fact, that we don’t need to go into it here. However, it is interesting and important to note that the military could completely (or almost completely) assume all R&D issues. Including the financial ones.
There are more interesting ways to operate ...